Using Separation Spells To End Your Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship that you just want to leave? If yes is your answer, Spellcaster Maxim can help with a separation spell. Spellcaster Maxim is a professional psychic whose separation spells are guaranteed to work.

There are separation spells for different, specific purposes ranging from separation spells to make someone leave you alone to separation spells to make them back off and accept the breakup. This piece will look at the separation spell to make someone leave you alone, and separation spells in general.

Spell to make someone leave you aloneSeparation Spells To Make Someone Leave You Alone

The separation spell to make someone leave you alone is fairly straightforward, and when done properly, it works almost instantly. Spellcaster Maxim recommends using a black candle with a person's photo to cast this separation spell successfully. The image acts as evidence to show the spirits for who the separation spell is being released for.

Here is one of many ways you do it;

Get the picture of the person you wish to leave

Put a black candle and the photo on a table in front of you and light it up. Put away all distractions from your mind and concentrate hard on who this separation spell is cast for. Recall all memories of this person and visualize how your life will be like without them around.

Release all emotions

You can start crying while doing this separation ritual. The more things you remember about the person, the better. These can be scenarios like their habits, voice, and all the bad times that make you want to stop being in that relationship. It would help to visualize a life without them so that the forces you are summoning know which direction to go with the separation spells. This is to help you purge them out of your system.

With the guidance of Spellcaster Maxim, you might be instructed to start with the happy thoughts then end with the bad ones to really drive the separation energy to its maximum power.

Write your spell on your candle and light it up

On your separation candle, there are separation spells that you have to write with separation fluid or separation oil on it. Be careful not to use separation blood because it is usually used for extreme circumstances only. Using blood, separation spells might be too much for you, especially if you are just starting out in magic.

As for the candle colour, black candles are the most powerful colours for separation spell rituals and should definitely be used when performing breakup magic like this one here. However, if black candles are completely unavailable where you live, then go ahead and use any other colour except pink, white or red. These three are used for the opposite effect, to bring people together, not separate them.

Light this candle and chant any spell you have been given by your spell caster.

Burn the photo

Using this flame, burn the photo to ashes. You may be asked to scatter the ashes to the wind, sprinkle them in their food, or any other instructions. Whatever your spellcaster tells you, please do it.

Reasons you may want to use a separation spell on your relationship

Here are some reasons why you would want to use black magic or lemon separation spells in your relationship.

- You are in love with someone else.

You may be in a long-distance relationship and find yourself falling for someone who lives nearby. Or you may meet someone at work and feel completely smitten by them, or even that old crush that got away reappears, and you cannot get them off your mind. Whatever the reason, maybe you need to end things with your current beau to make room for this new person. And so, a spell to make someone leave you alone from Maxim might work wonders.

- They do not make you happy anymore

If they have changed so much over the years since you got married or started dating, then you can turn to lemon separation spells. These powerful separation spells will work to keep you apart amicably. They are the kind of separation spells without harm. They just wake up one day and leave, no drama, no fights.

- They are cheating on you

It would be best if you end a union because they are unfaithful. A black magic spell for separation has the power to save you from this misery. And at the same time punish them. It is not what this black magic spell does, but how you use your will to make it work. Give it the energy to make them leave you alone amicably and punish them accordingly.

-They are abusive

An abusive person does not deserve to be with you. They will break you emotionally, mentally, and even physically. No one deserves such kind of treatment. And so, when you feel trapped in such a situation, a separation spell hoodoo ritual might prove useful.

Cast a separation spellThings to expect after a successful separation ritual

It is great news that you have saved yourself from an unhappy relationship or marriage. But believe it or not, there is an aftermath to every spell to make someone divorce you. Even with spellcaster Maxim's guidance, expect the following. They might not happen, but it does not hurt to be ready:

They might come back

A spell to make someone leave might work, but you need to be careful about what happens later on. After separation, the person might come back with an apology or try to make things better. Sure, separation is very difficult for some people, and it can push them towards dangerous thoughts, even suicidal one. And some might use this as a bargaining chip to slide back into your life. Do not be swayed!

A better alternative is to have Maxim cast a spell to make someone leave you alone. This way, they will never come near you, no matter the case. They may want to, but they can't!

You may develop doubts

Even after the spell to make someone leave your home took full effect and they left, doubt might creep in. You may start missing them and even get tempted to contact them. When this happens, remember the reason you wanted the separation spell in the first place. It would help if you also kept in mind that the forces you put in motion might not allow it and end up punishing you instead.

That is why you should only cast a separation spell if the relationship has become toxic beyond repair. If you feel it can be fixed, ought for a binding or reconciliations spell instead. Maxim can help you with that too.

It might change your lifestyle

Suppose you were used to dropping the kids off at school, and the dad picked them up. Then now, the spell to make someone move away worked, and they left; you might have to do it all on your own now. And if you are on the other side of the ring, you will have no kids to pick up.

All these changes are inevitable, and you should know this before casting a separation spell. It might affect your job or not having enough time to do all the things you used to. However, many people say that their lives after a loved one's departure became much better and more interesting. We hope this becomes your story!

No contact rule is crucial; it's like they seize to exist

What we described above is why you cant even try talking with each other after a breakup without intentions of reconciling or making up for the lost time. That conversation will probably just stir trouble in the spirit world. It might also upset the spirits you set to work the separation spells.

So if you want to have a heart-to-heart talk with someone who left your life, wait until at least six months pass by before doing so. This is called the no contact rule, and it has helped many people get over their exes easily. If you feel like you made a mistake with the spell to make someone leave after this time, contact Maxim and get guidance first.

You wouldn't want to be punished with the spirits. He will help you align the karma and work on reversing the separation spell and offer a reconciliation spell instead.

Things to do after a triumphant separation spell

You might feel a bit off-balance after a spell to separate a couple works for you. But do not worry, you can pick yourself up and start over. Here is a list of things you can do to regain your confidence:

  • Start putting yourself first

  • Love yourself

  • Re-evaluate yourself

  • Start being healthier physically and emotionally

Take away

Remember, the spell to make someone leave will have no effect if it is not what you really want. So take this time to re-discover yourself and be ready for the next step in life even after they leave. The spell will take a toll on you, and that is expected. And so, the time after the spell is time to heal.

The spellcaster should also guide you through the right practices after the spell. Maxim's advice? Never rush into spell casting or try many spells without proper guidance. Remember, everything happens in phases; you need to understand each stage before moving towards your goals.

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